Welcome to IkomaSubs

Welcome to IkomaSubs!

We are subbing group mainly translating Nogizaka46 shows. Please take some time to read our About Us. We only translate non-commercial material, we do not translate stuff like MVs, Single bonuses or shows with DVD releases.

Facebook page here
Twitter: @Jiaemi_Jem

Translated shows are categorized into 2 main tabs:
Nogizaka tte Doko Episodes – What we mainly translate
Other Shows – For any other shows we translate

Before you use or redistribute our subtitles, please read our Terms & Conditions here first.

Also, we currently are recruiting translators to join our team!
Don’t have 100% Japanese understanding? No problem!
Basic requirements are that you can understand 60-70% at least of NogiDoko episodes
Interested parties please contact us via Facebook!

Look forward to have you with us!


2 Responses to Welcome to IkomaSubs

  1. yokary ✿. says:

    hello can you follow me @h00_48 I Arabic translator
    i want tell you about thing

  2. Hi, sorry to be bother but I tried and failed while trying to translate this my self. I was hoping if you would sub this episode from nogiroom (150907 NOGIROOM 3 EP09 ) pleeeease it’s driving me crazy not knowing what they’re saying 😭

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