BAD BOYS J Episode 01 (Eng Sub)

BAD BOYS J episode 1 english sub

Softsubs: Here

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11 Responses to BAD BOYS J Episode 01 (Eng Sub)

  1. nogizaka46 says:

    thanks for your hard work > <

    but I want to dl softsub too if you don't mind…

  2. ikomasubs says:

    whoops the hyper link wasnt working forgot to link it !

  3. it says that the softsubs are “File does not exist on this server”
    pls kindly re-up 🙂

  4. ikomasubs says:

    Just tried, i can download it, maybe u could refresh or something? o.O

  5. fageatAnonymous says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty to edit your subs. The translation was pretty good, but the grammar, while very understandable, needed some work. I also added some styling, a couple of missing lines, and passed to romaji the credits of the main cast.

    If you would like, the version I made is here:

    It was edited on top of the raw from


    • ikomasubs says:

      Hi, Jiaemi from IkomaSubs here.

      Whilst I do not mind you editing my subs, please do note:

      1) I do not own copyrights for any of the video files, copyright owners reserve the right to have them removed anytime.

      2) The subtitles track and timing are protected under copyright law. It should not be sold or distributed in any way.

      3) For personal use, please give credit and provide a link to my Facebook page and Website.

      If you do wish to share the subtitles on your website or d-addicts, please provide a link to my Facebook page as well as website as credits.

      Because from what I see, without you giving credit to me anywhere (your website and d-addicts), I do get the feel that you’re passing off these subtitles as entirely your own.

      The reason I provides softsubs is for easier downloading for those who already have the raw file and I do not watermark my videos after the 1st video is because I want to provide viewers maximum pleasure from watching them. If I do find more instances of my subtitles going uncredited, I would stop providing the softsubs files and watermark the videos.

      Hope you understand, thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        … I don’t want to share the modified version of your subs that I made in any personal site, nor am I making any kind of money with it.

        I just edited it for fun – or more like, because I want to archive the show, and your subs, while really high up above the average for this kind of shows, wasn’t up to the standards of the subs I do archive. I edited it to fulfill my standards, and decided to share it because, well, people might like subs up to said standard. After all, if you’re a fan of Nogizaka46, chances are you have very high standards.

        I only posted the subtitle file in your blog and on /jp/, anonymously. I don’t have a d-addicts account (or at least not that I remember – I might’ve made an account at some point or another if I needed something, but if I did, I don’t use it). Also, you ARE credited in the subs I uploaded – I left your credit where you put it, at the beginning of the opening. I just shortened it to about 10 seconds instead of a minute or so. I, on the other hand, AM NOT credited in those subs, nor do I wish to be.

        Keep up the good work.

      • ikomasubs says:

        Firstly, I do apologize since when I downloaded your edited version of the subs I just skipped through and thought you edited away my self-promo at the opening.

        I would like to state my reasons for sounding defensive/aggressive if I did through my previous post/email.
        It is because the link here “” contained a d-addicts link to download subs for the episode, which I thought you uploaded to, but since you’ve said you only uploaded to jp (not sure which forum/web is that, please enlighten) anonymously, I think someone might have posted it in daddicts. (the dl link has since been removed)

        Link here:


        And on another note, since this issue has been settled (at least in my mind) as i would like to think of myself as an easy-going person, if you have the interest to style the subs to make it more visually appealing, you could send the edited copy of the subs to me and I would re-encode the video and repost it.

        I would credit you for it unless you wish not to be credited for it (than i’ll just put your alias as something i randomly thought of)

        If this sounds good to you, which i personally feel its a triple-win situation (for both the general viewers, you and i) as i would continue to upload softsubs 🙂

        Await your reply, Jiaemi
        (And sorry for my english, it ain’t that good i know that very well too, been relying too much on auto correct)

      • Anonymous says:

        If you wish to re-encode the subs I made for this episode, feel free to. If you want to credit me, just credit me as “Anonymous”, I guess.

        /jp/ is the japanese culture board from 4chan. The post I made sharing the subs is here:
        If you read this after the thread dies (its content gets expunged with time, 2ch style), you can find it archived here:

        Now, I would like to edit the future episodes as well, sure. But I can’t say I’ll fulfill any schedule. It depends on how much work I have at the moment, and if I’m not traveling. So what I can offer is… to do pretty much the same I did this time. To edit your original version whenever I find the time.

      • ikomasubs says:

        Feel free to, as long as i’m credited (with a link to this wordpress blog), im fine with you sharing/remaking the subs 🙂

  6. geogio says:

    hello ikomasubs thank you for all your Hardwork subbing this hope you can release the Episode 4 and 5 of badboys J ^_^ Thank you so much!!

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