About IkomaSubs & Contact Us!

We do not own copyrights for any of the video files, copyright owners reserve the right to have them removed anytime.

The subtitle file’s translations and timings are intellectual property of IkomaSubs and are protected under copyright law. It should not be used without permission and/or sold in any way possible. If you wish to use the subtitles for whaever purpose, please get approval prior and approval might be accepted or rejected based on the purpose.

Here at IkomaSubs, we do not subtitle or upload any videos that is available for sale be it online or only in japan. (Example: Single bonuses, Subtitled MVs, DVD Releases of shows)

You can contact us via Facebook or Twitter
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/IkomaSubs

If you have any questions or feedback please message us via our Facebook page, comments on this blog would not be replied/read as this blog is mainly for archiving purposes.


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